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29 0 Aug 30.2021, 17:54:06
We cooperate with PCBgogo since 3 months and we are really satisfied.We were looking for fast assembly for our prototypes which could also provide for the supply of components and we found it.Cooperation with Jimmy Blake had been amazing, he supported us even at late night, allowing us to procede really fast with our porject.We hope to continue with this good cooperation even in the near future.

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82 0 Aug 23.2021, 17:16:21
The PCBs are the physical support of electronic components and the carrier for their electrical interconnection. They have been used widely in Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Equipment due to their high reliability, high density, and other unique characteristics. For many years, the demand for PCBs has shown rapid growth in terms of output and performance, which leads to a higher requirement for PCB & PCBA quality control. Regardless of the application, all PCBs must function correctly according to the project specifications. Thus, PCB & PCBA testing is an essential part of the manufacturing stage to find out any possible defects or faculty that could cause the board to malfunction. In this article, we will discuss some common PCB & PCBA testing techniques operated inside the factories of PCBgogo, a professional PCB & PCBA manufacturer in China. 1. Benefits of the PCB & PCBA testing PCB & PCBA testing allows us to identify and solve the critical er...

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75 0 Aug 23.2021, 16:37:11
Soldering is one of the essential processes that fix the components into a printed circuit board. It affects PCB quality and capabilities. In the PCB manufacturing factory, staff operate the soldering machine and check after the soldering by AOI machine or X-ray inspection machine to avoid soldering problems occur on finished PCBA boards. For electronics makers or newbies, hand soldering has always been considered a trait skill to have. However, even with the specialist or automatic machine soldering, problems may have appeared. This article is a guide for PCB soldering. You will know 10 common PCB soldering problems & solutions. Ideal Soldering Joint (THT)Fortunately, the majority of solder connections are fine and do not create any issues. A good solder connection will have a glossy finish and should not be too soldered. The contour of the solder surrounding the junction should be somewhat concave in most cases.See the picture below. Could you figure out which is the ideal so...

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124 0 Jul 16.2021, 08:01:38

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188 0 Jun 25.2021, 19:10:24
The PCBs, also known as Printed Circuit Boards, are the physical support of electronic components and the carrier for their electrical interconnection. You’ll find them in many electronic devices like Medical Devices, LEDs, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Equipment, and so on. Depending on their functions in the end products, different types of PCBs are used. They can be Single-sided, Double-sided, Multilayer or Rigid, Flexible and Rigid-flex.The manufacturing of PCBs is very complicated which involves multiple steps and procedures. In this article, we will have a look at some key steps of the PCB fabrication inside the PCBgogo factory.1. PCB design and reviewThe PCB layout is created by the designers using PCB design software such as Altium Designer, OrCAD, Pads, KiCad, Eagle, etc. When the design files are received, the engineer will go over every part of the PCB design to check the potential errors or flaws and make sure the design falls within the manufacturing capabilit...

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183 0 Jun 25.2021, 16:03:45
One of the universal issues that cause increasing concern is the environmental protection issues of electronic products. In the past few years, there has been a boom in digitization, global output of electrical and electronic equipment is exploding. Robots, drones, 3D printers, the Internet of Things (IoT), smart home assistants, and home medical equipment are all governed by RoHS, which are high relative to PCB producers and manufacturers. RoHS is an abbreviation for the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, which is also an abbreviation for the Directive on the Restrictions on the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Since adopted in February 2003 by the European Union, RoHS has become a mainstream of environmentally friendly certification. Since July 1, 2006, the RoHs standard has been formally implemented, many great PCB manufactures follow this standard. PCBgogo is one of them who actively respond to RoHS standard. RoHS is l...

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802 0 Sep 01.2020, 16:20:52
With the increase of signal switching speed on a PCB, the controlled impedance has been widely used in electronic industry. The importance of controlled impedance in a PCB can depend on various variables, including the particular characteristics and how the circuit board will be used. What’s more, controlled impedance PCB can offer a repeatable high frequency performance in PCB fabrication. What does impedance mean? As we all know, impedance is the combination of the inductance and capacitance of an electric circuit at high frequency, and it’s also measured in Ohms. But unlike resistance which is a DC (direct current) characteristic, impedance is an AC (alternating current) characteristic, signifying that it’s related to frequency while resistance is not. When a signal transfers to another identical impedance from the given impedance on a conductor, the transmission is optimum. However, the signal will be worse due to the reflections and attenuation if the impedance is different. ...

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172 0 Aug 13.2020, 14:20:08
First impression of this firm is very goog and I'll make an order for the first time.

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675 0 Jul 31.2020, 01:27:36
I am trying to develop some prototype for what may become in the future a small production. I usually deal with US manufacturers for all my PCBs, but their prices have increased drastically (blame it on the lock-down or not) and I decided to try PCgogo. After reviewing on the Internet what people thought about them, I pulled the trigger so to speak and sent them an order for 5 prototype boards (325 x 230 mm size - 2 layers - 2 oz Cu - 2mm Thickness). I just received my boards today, courtesy of FedEx International parcels and must say that I am very happy and pleasantly surprised by the quality. I have not assembled them yet, but I checked the hole diameters, delicate and fine silk-screening and the overall fabrication of the boards with a lot of satisfaction. The most amazing part is the rapidity with which the whole operation was done: I sent my Gerber and Excellon files on July 22nd afternoon. On July 30, the boards are in my house !!! All along, Danny (PCgogo sales rep) has been ke...

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749 0 Jul 24.2020, 18:23:14
Arduino boards embody multiple peripherals for communication with other devices. They include UART, I2C USB, and SP1. Wired communication has however proven to be difficult mostly so where the distance between the sender and receiver is considerable. As such, wireless communication comes in handy. Wireless communication is also critical in incorporating Arduino boards into the IoT environment. We have compiled several modules you can use to send data from an Arduino board to another Arduino or to the web.Wireless data transmissionNRF24L01The NRF244L01 transceiver module uses a 2.4GHz ban. It offers baud rates of between 250kbs and 2Mbps. In an open space and with lower baud rates, its range can stretch up to 100 meters. The NRF24LO1 can use 125 different channels which thus is able to have a network of 12 independent modems in one place. Each of the channels can have up to addresses or rather each of the units is able to communicate with 6 other units simultaneously.The NRF24L01 co...
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